Silent instruments.
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You could buy our goods at:

Elimex Kft.
Reittert Fertenc utca 188.

Telephone: +36 1/2398270


Our offers are subject to change and non-binding. We do accept international orders, but we sell our goods within the boundaries of the EU only. As our products are fully handmade in a traditional manner, the availability of our goods is limited. We keep the right to reject any order without further explanation.


Conductor's batons
HUF  6.706/piece
Conductor's batons with ebony handle
HUF  8.026/piece
Baton cases with inlaid decoration
HUF 24.994/piece
Baton cases with inlaid monogram
HUF 30.378/piece
Baton cases with inlaid decoration and monogram
HUF 34.239/piece
Baton cases with inlaid brass tablet.
HUF 34.239/piece

The prices are in Hungarian Forint (HUF), and they contain the Hungarian value added tax at 27%. We will charge the price of packaging and postal delivery at actual cost.

1 EUR=290 HUF

Detail of a conductor's baton.

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